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Privacy Policy 


Thank you for visiting MagikFrame is committed to protecting the privacy of users of our website. We understand that visitors to and users of this website are concerned about their privacy and the security of any information that they may provide. Like many other websites, we monitor usage of the site to help us to make it useful to as many visitors as possible. Consequently, our website does collect some information about users of the site, and we may also ask you for information in order to provide a service to you. Details of what we collect and how it is used are contained in this statement. 

Sample Requests, Address Data and Contact Information

The address data, sample request data and contact information a user fills in on the site is used in fufilling orders or sending you samples. By using the site and these forms you agree to allow us to communicate with you either by telephone, fax or email so that we can provide services to you in the form of answering questions, providing information or fufilling orders. 

The data you give us is strictly used for the above purposes and we will never provide the information to a 3rd party company. 

Use of cookies and other information collection technologies 

Internet cookies are small strings of text placed on users' hard drives during the data exchange that happens when a browser points to a website. Cookies allow a website to store information on a user's machine and retrieve it later. Cookies and other information collection technologies can only store information that is explicitly provided by the user or visitor in the first place, or information the website already knows about the user. 

The website uses cookies for: 
Identifying unique visitors to the site and for statistical purposes. You will be allocated a visitor number which will be held in a cookie on your computer for a fixed period, such as 1 day.


Payments and Credit Card Processing: 

All payments, credit card processing for is done under the highly secure and encrypted pay pal payments gateway. Magik frame does not have access to or store any of this information.


Read detailed breakdown of paypal's credit card security here!





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