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Frequently Asked Questions


How does the magik frame work?

The magik frame uses a proprietary adhesive strip  making it highly durable and reusable. No adhesive glue or messy residue is left behind, nor does it ruin the surface.  This reusable frame can be applied on any smooth surface.


How many times can the magik frame be used?

The magik frame can be used as many time as you would like! Its revolutionary tape and durable construction will allow it to function for years without losing adhesive properties. If the mounting material gathers dust simply rinse it under water and it will work as new again. 


What surfaces does the magik frame work on?

The magik frame works on all smooth surfaces and its applications are endless. Glass surfaces, metal surfaces, wood surfaces, plastic surfaces, painted dry wall surfaces, tiles, laminated paneling etc. It can withstand extreme cold and hot conditions as well without losing adhesive properties.  


Can the magik frame be  customized?

The magik frame can be easily customized to your specific need. Magik Frame can be made available in any custom size with your custom branding. We offer the frame in both 1/2" and 1" mounting material as well glossy and matte front protector. Send us your artwork or logo and we can make this frame uniquely yours. A minimum order quantity of 25 pieces is  required for all custom orders.
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Where can i buy the magik frame?

The magik frame can be purchased from any of our global distributors.


What surfaces does the magik frame not work on? 

The magik frame does not work on wet surfaces. It can also not be guaranteed on dirty, porous or delicate surfaces. The longer you have the magik frame on a specific surface the stronger the bond it creates. Gently peel off delicate surfaces. 






For any additional questions or concerns - Call 1-888-755-0750 or email


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